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Data Import: Importing Images via the Stock Importer



Import -> Stock data Importer -> Create New Stock Records -> Find Images

This document describes how the BMS attempts to match images with your imported data.

Top Tip:
You can provide comma separated images to the stock data importer where you need to link more than one image to a given SKU. The BMS will split your CSV string of images and attempt to match each individual value with a file found in your [start point] directory structure.
Bear in mind that this process can take a while to complete if you are attempting to match a large number of items.


The BMS attempts to match any

  • [IMAGE_NAME] column values
  • [SupRef] values held against Stock Items
  • [SupRef] values held against Price Splits

with file names located under your [start point] directory structure defined at the point of invoking the matching process.

during the import process.

  1. The User chooses a starting directory
  2. The system lists all files located under the starting directory
  3. Attempts to match using the following logic: Filename Like "supref*"
  4. Matches are displayed in the user feedback panel, and the matched file is:
  • Resized according to a value held in x_config: "ImageSizeDefault"
  • Copied to the nominated IMAGES folder. Defined in settings  and x_config: CustomerImageDirectory


  • All image record data linked to stock items that form part of a search are removed prior to the search starting.
  • Data on disk is not modified
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