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2.02.##.978 Plus


Summary of updates to version 2.02.##.978

Date: 2018-07-18

 This document lists a summary of changes published in the version number shown above. You can check your start-up screen to see which version of the BMS you are using.


Mods to the Invoice Search UI

New menu option to replay a previous search.
Last 10 searches are stored.
Search terms are no longer wrapped in tags in the UI

Warehouse Packing

New menu option to 'unwind' a pack event.
Menu: Manager -> Un-Pack

Bug Fix: PV Group UI: HH6-7XB-U665 (Ticket number: 449)

Error when deleting child items. Fixed
Added new menu option to remove items from a PV Group without deleting them from the BMS catalogue too.

Product Management: Purchase Ordering

New grid-view of Purchase Order Lines linked to a given SKU in the Universal Catalogue
Menu: Product Management -> Ordered
Shows all related PO Lines with related Goods-In Events 






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