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Pricing: Split Pricing Overview


 Date: 2019-03-27

 This document describes split pricing concepts as maintained in the TSL BMS


Split Pricing

Your can configure the BMS to sell quantities of product at specific prices for specific quantities.

For instance, you may sell a carton or 72 t-shirts for £1.00 each, but if a customer wants to buy a pack of 6 from the carton you may want to charge £1.20 each, then furthermore, if the customer wants to buy a single t-shirt you may want to charge £2.00 each.


So, in our example above, if a customer were to buy 79 t-shirts they would be charged:

72 x £1.00
6 x £1.50
1 x £2.00


Customer Specific Pricing

The BMS also allows you to set customer specific split price rules so that different customers get different split prices.


Product and Price Groups

The BMS allows you to define product and price groups that provide for a high level of control over who gets what price.

For instance Customer A may be granted best price for products in groups G1 and G2, but worst price for product in groups G3 and G4

where Customer B might be given best price for all product groups.


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