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WordPress: How User Upload Works



Users are uploaded via a php script on the client's hosting, called by Trading Software BMS.

During a web-upload event the BMS selects customers identified by a specific attribute and posts them to a holding table in the web-side MySQL database ready for processing into a web-site.


  • The UserGroup used to select for web users is: WEB ACCOUNT HOLDER
    • Add this user group to your list of user groups via CONFIG -> Customisation -> Your Lists
  • The Attribute used to select for web user status is: CUSTOMER STATUS WEB
    • This attribute is one of the default attributes available to all contact records
  • Set the following values in a FIXED LIST: CUSTOMER / TRADE / ADMINISTRATOR / INACTIVE
    • Add these values via the attribute management UI under:
      • CONTACTS Screen Main Menu: MANAGER -> Manage Attributes


You can choose to upload users manually at any time.

Navigate to your web upload interface [Wordpress Setup and Export]

Upload Data menu -> Remote script: Users



User passwords are encrypted using an encryption key that is specific to your BMS database name. Therefore, if your BMS database name changes the Remote User Processing Script must also be updated.

To reset all users: It is necessary to remove entries from WP_USERS and WP_USERMETA. 

The script users_setter.php takes data from t_users (checks against t_users_p) in the web-side MySQL database, and inputs new customers (or alters roles of existing customers if necessary) via the wordpress/woocommerce functions.

There is a check to see if a user exists in Wordpress but not in t_users and if they do - set them to inactive to prevent issues where customers have an account with the web when they shouldn't. The inactive role is defined in functions.php and essentially kills the Wordpress site with an error message asking them to call [the site owner] to sort it out.

The users-setter.php script example as of Feb 2017 is attached to this document and is well commented throughout. You will need to change the file type from .txt to .php.

users-setter-text.txt users-setter-text.txt
users-setter-text.txt users-setter-text.txt

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