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Stock Valuation By Date



Date: 2019-05-09

Generate stock valuations to a given date. Limit and group results based on user requirements.


Stock Valuation Report To Date


The BMS creates records to keep track of goods as they are received as new purchased items or by customer return. The system maintains further records to account for deductions from stock as a result of sales, supplier returns and adjustments. All of these records carry dates and form the basis of the BMS Date Based Stock Valuation Report.

The value of stock held at a given date is based on Good In Batch cost prices.


You can access the BMS Stock Valuation Report By Date in Snapshot Reporting 

Snapshot Reporting -> Stock Data -> Stock Report By Date -> Show User Interface

Report Options

Limit By Date

The date limiter will restrict stock transactions to those up to and including the specified date.

Transactions that occurred after the date limiter will be ignored.

Limit stock items included in the report: Filter Limits

Access Limiting Options via the UI Menu: -> Limit

Users can choose to restrict the reported data-set by choosing to filter source data by one of the following options:

Nothing: No filter is applied to the data-set behind the report results

Catalogue Item Number: Choose one or more Catalogue Items to report

Shop Floor Nominal Code: Choose one or more 'Shop Floor' nominal codes to report

GI Event Stock Location: Choose one or more stock location to report. 



You can apply 1 Limiting option at a time.

Grouping results:

Access Grouping Options via the UI Menu: -> Group

Users can choose to group results by one of the following options:

Overall Total: Based on Filter Limits: This option will return a single row showing the total stock valuation for all records selected based on the prevailing Filter Limits

Shop Floor Nominal Code: The results data-set will be grouped by Shop Floor Nominal Codes

Catalogue Item Number: The results data-set will be grouped at SKU level

Goods In Event ID: The results data-set will be grouped at the Goods In Batch level. 



Results are drawn on [v_stock_transactions] via a stored procedure [sp_stock_datebased_value] that processes user preferences into a valid MySQL Statement that is passed into the UI.

Stock valuation used the following calculation: (`Sum_transactions` / S.`packsize`) * G.`p_price` AS StockValue_Net

Where S = t_stockledger and G = t_goodsin

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