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Import Contacts


2019-09-11: Created

This document describes how to import or update contact records.




Your source data MUST INCLUDE a unique account reference column that will map to the BMS column ExportRef.

ExportRef can accept an Alpha-Numeric value: Max length = 25 characters.


Open your source data in Excel or some other Spread-Sheet application.

Highlight and copy (Ctrl+C) the data you want to import.

Use the Import menu to post your copied data into this interface.

-> Paste 

-> Excel (navigate to an Excel file containing your source data)


You can selectively Import or Update:

-- Basic Account Data

-- Attribute Data       (Requires that a basic account record exists)

-- Contact Group Data   (Requires that a basic account record exists)

-- Opening Balances     (Requires that a basic account record exists)




Mapping configurations can be saved and recalled between imports

You can map your source data columns to:

-- existing BMS columns for Basic Account Data.

-- BMS attributes

-- BMS Contact-Groups

-- -- Source Contact-Group data ust be provided as a semi-colon delimited list (;)

-- -- Each Source Contact-Group must be matched with an existing BMS Contact-Group

-- Opening Balances


Account Opening Balances

For Opening Balances, your source data must carry a column listing any opening account balance values as numeric values. (No currency symbols or thousand separators)

Account balances must be split into SALES and PURCHASE balances and held in separate columns, or you can import sales and purchase accounts separately from different sheets.

The import process will create Journal Records from a user nominated control account for both Sales and Purchases.

Journals are identifies with the following decsrcription: Action=ImportOpeningBalance:Date=yyyymmdd




You can re-import contact data at any time.

Attribute and contact-group data will be overwritten

Existing Opening Balance Journal Records can be (optionally) deleted unless they have been committed to your General Ledger.

In any event, new Opening Balance Journal Records will be added to the BMS.

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