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Image Reference Management


Date: 2018-11-07


Manage image references in your database, and set user definable variables


Image Management options can be set here:

  • Universal Catalogue -> Images Tab -> Tab Menu: Configuration
  • Application Configuration: Customisation -> Initialisation: Menu: -> Configuration -> Image Management


Polling Directory   : Where the BMS looks For images.
When Image POLLING Is active, the BMS will pick up images dropped or saved into this directory, and process them into the target directory
Target Directory    : Where the BMS saves your images.
'Canvas' refers to the area an imported image is 'painted' onto.
A default image size value will be used to resize imported images as a way to reduce file size. 
We suggest you use the default 600 X 600 (Width x Height), but feel free to change it.
Anything between 200 and 1800 is probably going to be fine.
A zero value in HEIGHT will result in no resizing.
Canvas Height       : Canvas Height For imported And saves images.
Canvas Width        : Canvas Width For imported And saves images.
Canvas Colour       : Canvas Background colour. Used To pad incoming image borders.

Quality %

Integer 0-100: of original quality. Suggest 80.
Going too low will generate images that are pixelated on line.
75-85% can reduce a file from 6 Mb to < 200 Kb


You can link images to a catalogue item in several ways. 

  • Drag images into the IMAGE TAB in the Universal Catalogue
  • Manually drop images into your Polling Directory while the IMAGE TAB is active and POLLING is running
  • Navigate to items in the Product Search UI and assign images using the Product Management menu
  • Run an image matching routine via the DATA IMPORT interface. Link

Linking an image to a product will create a copy of the source image in your IMAGE DIRECTORY. Your image will be resized to your specified dimensions. (See above)


Manage missing image references in the database

Sometimes it may become necessary to change the location of your IMAGE DIRECTORY ... where you tell the system to store your images.

If this happens, you can use the relevant menu option under IMAGE MANAGEMENT in the Universal Catalogue

UniCat -> Images Management -> 'Manage missing image references in the database'

The following options are provided: 

  • Try To Locate Missing Images
    • This option will attempt to match an image identified in your database with a file at a location you provide. If a match is made, then the system will attempt to copy the source image to your new IMAGE DIRECTORY and update the image reference table.
  • Delete Missing References
    • Will remove database records that do not map to an existing file.
  • List Missing References
    • Presents a list of database records that do not map to an existing file.



Your IMAGE DIRECTORY (where you save product images) and IMAGE POLLING DIRECTORY (where the system looks for files to link to a product) cannot be the same.
The system will prompt for confirmation if it finds more than 5 images in the polling directory
If you have used the polling directory as the source location, then the original image will be deleted.
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