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Simplified Stock Importer


2019-09-24: Created

This document describes how to import or update stock records.

Access via the Main Menu:

Import -> Simple Stock Importer




Your source data MUST INCLUDE a unique item reference column that will map to the BMS column [SUPREF]

[SUPREF] can accept an Alpha-Numeric value: Max length = 100 characters.


Open your source data in Excel or some other Spread-Sheet application.

Highlight and copy (Ctrl+C) the data you want to import.

Use the Import menu to post your copied data into this interface.

-> Paste 

-> Excel (navigate to an Excel file containing your source data)


You can selectively Import or Update:

-- Basic Item Data

-- Attribute Data       (Requires that a basic account record exists)

-- Bar codes             (Requires that a basic account record exists)

-- Inventory             (Requires that a basic account record exists)

-- Split Pricing          (Requires that a basic account record exists)




Mapping configurations can be saved and recalled between imports

You can map your source data columns to:

-- existing BMS columns for Basic ItemData.

-- BMS attributes (overwritten)

-- BMS Alternative Barcodes (overwritten)

-- Inventory (Appended)

-- Split Pricing (overwritten)




You can re-import data at any time.


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