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XML-RPC metaWeblog.getCategories


2019-10-18: Created

Describes the arguments and return value of XMLRPC calls using XmlRpcMethod("metaWeblog.getCategories") 


Function: Gets a list of categories used by the blog.


  • ID of the blog you’re working with (usually 0 for a single site)
  • WordPress username
  • WordPress password


Returns: Returns a simple array, where each element is an associate array defining the category:

  • ‘categoryID’ – ID of the category
  • ‘parentID’ – ID of the category’s parent
  • ‘description’ – Name of the category
  • ‘categoryDescription’ – Description of the category
  • ‘categoryName’ – Name of the category
  • ‘htmlUrl’ – Category permalink
  • ‘rssUrl’ – RSS feed for the category
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