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Summary of updates to version 2.02.##.1060

Date: 2019-10-26 -> 

This document lists a summary of changes published in the version number shown above. You can check your start-up screen to see which version of the BMS you are using.


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BMS Access Control

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New Access Control. You may need to import usernames and passwords into the new Access Control system.

To import existing usernames and passwords:

1) log in as the Level 4 ADMIN user

2) Go to Configuration -> Customization -> Initialization -> Configuration -> Access Control

Choose to import existing users from the Menu under Access Control.


Till Login: Change User

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Choose a till user from the Till-Users menu on the sales register Menu.

Key a user password into the Sales Register Till-Users password box.

The system will evaluate a provided password against authorised users at the active Sales Register

Define authorized till users by:

1) add users to a contact group
2) assign a contact group to a given Sales Register OR assign a contact group to the GLOBAL Register 

Set user passwords by posting a password value into the appropriate Contact attribute [TILL USER SECRET ID] against each Till-User.


If a Till-User dos NOT have a password then they will not be included in the list of Authorised Users at a given Sales Register..

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