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Sales Register: Authorised Users



2019-10-26: Created

This document describes how to set up a list of Authorised Till Users and how to change the active user at a Sales Register.



Create one or more User-Groups to contain users for a given Sales Register

Add Contacts to one or more Sales Register User Groups

Under CONFIGURATION -> Initialisation -> Configuration -> Sales Register

Assign a Sales Register User Group to either

1) the global till users group ...

2) or the local till user group



Till users must have a password assigned them as an attribute.

Users without a password will not be listed as an authorised user

Post a password value using the Contact Attribute UI and the [TILL USER SECRET ID] attribute.

The user password is encoded and stored against the relevant user. The encoded value cannot be reviewed.



These can be a memorable word or short phrase or a value from a card that the user scans at the till. 


At the till

Close and re-open the Sales Register UI

A list of authorised users will be shown under the Till Users menu.


Change the Sales Register User

Use one of the methods below

1) Select an authorised user from the menu of user names and provide the relevant password

2) Type or scan a password into the Till User Password box (on the till menu, next to the user list)

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