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Access Control: Access Groups



2019-10-30: Created 

This document provides an overview of Advances Access Control using Access-Groups in your BMS.

Access Control using Access-Groups

Access groups provide a way to group many user-actions together and make them available to a specific set of BS users.

If a BMS user is listed as a member of an Access-Group, and that group has access to a particular user-action, then the BMS user will be granted access to the relevant user-action even if they didn't provide the relevant Level-Access password at logon.

What this all means is that you can provide access to specific user-actions, to specific users .. but if you don't then the BMS basic Level-Access access control will kick in.

Access-Group Security trumps Level-Access Security.

Building Access Groups

You can create a small set of example Access Groups as part of the Initialization Menus -> Access Control.

Access Control Management, including Access Groups is available from

1) Initialization Menu -> Access Control

2) Config -> Access Control


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