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Access Control: Access Levels



2019-10-30: Created 

This document provides an overview of Simple Access Control using Access Levels in your BMS.


Access Levels

The BMS maintains a list of user-actions (as explained in This Document), and each user-action can carry an access level.

When a user logs into the BMS they are always asked to provide an Access Level password.

The Access Level Password is used to evaluate the user's request to perform an action against the authority required. In short, if the access level held against a user-action is higher than the Access Level Password provided at logon, the user's request will be turned down.


Using Access Levels as a Fall-Back

You might choose the following strategy to control access to the BMS.

1) Set the Default Access Level at [4] and update all existing User-Actions access levels to [4]

2) Create Access Groups for areas of functionality that you want to keep secure

3) Add relevant users to the secure access groups

4) Create Level-Access passwords for LEVELS 1/2/3

5) Down grade selected User-Action Level-Access values to either 1 or 2 or 3

6) issue the appropriate Access-Level password to users.



Access Level values are posted against user-actions as they are created. The default access level is [3].
You can choose to change the default by accessing the relevant setting under Initialization -> Access Control
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