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Project Charging


 2019-12-02: Created 

Overview of Trading Software Projects -> Charging.



Before you start

When processing chargeable [time spent] records, the BMS needs to record data into your chart of accounts using projects-specific configurable data that must be set up before you start.

These settings include:

  • Charging Control Account
  • Staff Project Charge Account

See below for more information about these settings and how they are used



Access charging functionality via the Project UI Menu:

Manager -> Project Charging

The Charging UI provides a number of standard menu options associated with all BMS data grid UIs, and a number of Project Charging specific options. These are listed below:

  • View
    • Allows users to open an activity that contains a selected charging [time spent] record
  • Configuration
    • Captures a Charging Control Account in your chart of accounts. This is used as the balancing account when creating journal entries to records charges against [time spent] records.
  • Process
    • Allows you to create accounts records (journals) for chargeable values against (a) your charging control account and (b) the charging account linked to a specific [time spent] record.


Processing Chargeable [Time Spent] Records

Access the Process Menu and select the appropriate menu option.

NOTE: If you want to skip (or ignore) a [time spent] record permanently, you can set it's processed flag using the relevant menu option under Processing


Settings and Configuration

[Charging Control Account] and [Staff Project Charge Account]

The BMS creates Journal records in your accounts when posting chargeable time against a member of staff. In order to do this the BMS needs references to 2 nominal accounts.

  • Charging Control Account: Is used by the BMS to balance journal entries against [Staff Project Charge Account]
  • Staff Project Charge Account: Is used by the BMS to record what is owing based on chargeable [time spent] records.

When you want to pay staff any value accumulated in their [Staff Project Charge Account], you will have to create manual Journal entries to transfer balances into the appropriate staff wages account, or alternatively, journal balances between your bank account and the relevant [Staff Project Charge Account].



Charged [time spent] records are updated with the relevant Journal Record ID.
If  a journal record is removed, and the link is broken, any affected [time spent] records become eligible to be processed again.


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