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Project Purchase Requests (Costs)



 2019-12-04: Created

Overview of Trading Software Projects. Project Costs


Project Purchase Requests (Costs)

You can bill purchased items through a project.

Direct costs are captured against a project as Purchase Requests, and fulfilled as part of your purchasing process. Purchases can be linked to a Project Purchase Request and billed through the project it is linked to as part of the Billing Process. Purchases can also be billed directly to a customer in the usual way, but still be recorded against a project a Project Purchase.

To list Purchases Requests (costs) against a project

First, create a Project Purchase Request in the COSTS tab of a sub-project. The system will ask for an 'actioner', a product to bill, a quantity to bill. That's it!

Project Purchase Requests are fulfilled as part of a separate process that links purchases PI's (PIP Documents) to Project Purchase Requests.


Link a PI to a Project Purchase Request

This is achieved under Project Management

Projects Menu: Manager -> Manage Costs

This menu option lists Purchase Requests 

Project Purchases (costs) are displayed as part of the billing schedule when

  • a given Purchase Request has been fulfilled (a PI is linked to it)
  • and it has not been billed separately to the customer

Select a Project Purchase Request to work with and then choose

Menu: Edit -> Assign PIs

The system will present an interface for picking Purchase Documents. This interface can be used to link a selected [X] purchase document to the active Project Purchase Request record by clicking the Green Button.

You cannot link a whole PI to a Project Purchase Request - you can only link a specific PI Line

Close the Purchase Document interface by clicking the Red {X} top right.



Project Costs are created with no link to a Purchase Invoice Line.
A PI Line Link is created as part of a separate management process: Project Costs Management
Links between Project Costs and PI Lines are stored in a table called t_pi_to_si
Whether a Project Cost has been billed is determined by checking t_pi_to_si
- the PI_Line_ID on a Project-Cost is listed in t_pi_to_si
- AND the user_ID used on the related SI = the User_ID on the Project
- is it deemed to have been billed
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