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Summary of updates to version 2.02.##.1137

Date: 2020-03.02

This document lists a summary of changes published in the version number shown above. You can check your start-up screen to see which version of the BMS you are using.


Merge Attributes

You can now choose to merge CATEGORY specific attributes into a generic attribute. This means that you no longer have to maintain individual attributes for BMS catalogues that carry the same information... An attribute called 'SIZE' might be a good example. You might maintain a 'SIZE' attribute in your Miscellaneous, Guns, Pre-owned and Ammunition Catalogues and want to merge them all into a single Attribute that is common to all Catalogues.


Repeat Billing: Handle missing [last_billed] date

Where a repeat billing item has not been charged previously, there is no [last_billed] date. In this circumstance no next billing data could be established. Now resolved. A missing [last_billed] date, or an invalid one, is commuted to a logical date based on the recurrence type applicable to the repeat billing item. 

Trading Profiles: SIP / PIP / SOR

Bug Fix: Missing refernce to Accounts-Email-Address. This has been preventign the system from returning data when calling for PIP / SOR trading profiles. SIP was not affected. Now resolved.

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