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Summary of updates to version 2.02.##.1157

Date: 2020-03-10

This document lists a summary of changes published in the version number shown above. You can check your start-up screen to see which version of the BMS you are using.


Accounts SALES: SIP Invoice Search UI

Fixed a bug that was preventing CREDIT Net and VAT figures being displayed in the SIP Document List.

Web Side Statements

New menu option to process listed and saved user defined Web Side statements.

Menu -> Process Statements -> Execute


Available date range increased to begin 2020-01-01


Frequency options are now exposed via the menu: Manage Billing Item Lines


Web Upload: MUST HAVE IMAGES option

New option under Web Interface Menu -> Configuration: Must Have Images

This option will prevent the BMS uploading items that do not have a MAIN web image. The process does not check that the linked image exists.


Univeral Catalogue: Web URL Alias and Web Name

When a change is made to MAKE or MODEL, the BMS will update URL Alias and Web Name values automatically.

Updates are based on the prevailing URL-Alias and Web-Name update statements. These are user definable values that can be set as part of the OpenCart Web Interface Configuration Menu.

In the Universal Catalogue, URL Alias and Web Name can be edited manually at any time. 

Accounts SIP

Now includes quick access buttons for creating a new Sales Credit and for Returns. Quick access buttons hvae also been added the the Sales Document Editor UI.


Product Editor UI: Assign Categories

When assigning categories the BMS will automatically add all related parent categories for the categories chosen from the Category Editor UI.


Accounts: SALES SIP

This UI has been redesigned. The UI components are not modified significantly, but thier position on the screen, and heirarchy, has been changed. Now, the Document Search UI is fixed into the BMS Main UI, and individual documents are generated as floating panels.

This new configuration allows users to open more than 1 Sales Ledger Document at a time.

The following routines are now initiated from the Document Search UI

  • Refunds and returns
  • New Documents (Credits)


Sales Reporting By Quantity: FTS now included

The system will now include FTS figures in sales reports that include an [ItemNo] grouping


Universal Catalogue Search: Item No / Barcode

Item Number searches in the Univarsal Catalogue (B) now try to match Barcode Records.

Search Logic: Using a search value

  1.  Find an exact numeric match with an Item ID
  2.  Find a partial match based on the right hand (n) characters if an Item ID
  3.  Return variants where the search value matches to a parent
  4.  Return siblings where the search value matches a variant
  5.  Find an exact [text] match with an Item Header Barcode
  6.  Find an exact [text] match with linked barcode records


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