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Sale Order Status Overview



Date: 2020-09-15

Over view of sales order status options


Sale Order Status

Sales Order Status options allow users to group open orders into logical subsets. 

For instance, you may want to group open orders into AWAITING COLECTION or PENDING CONFIRMATION, or maybe group orders by Delivery Day, Sale-or-Return or On-Loan. You may alternatively want groups of REPAIR or HIRE orders that cannot be invoiced until completed.

The BMS maintains a set of standard Order Status values.

  • SOR
  • WEB

... But you can add your own order status values too.

Manage Sales order status values and linked attributes in the Sales Order Status Manager

Capture Data Specific to an Order Status

When you change the status of an order you may want to capture specific data against the order. For instance, if you have an On-Hire or On-Loan status, you may want to capture information to identify your customer, or to confirm that your have provided Instruction Documentation ... or indeed many other things.

This can be achieved by creating the necessary Order Attributes to hold the information you want to capture, and linking those attributes to specific Order Status values. When these links are in place, the BMS will automatically post your linked attributes to an order when its status is changed. The BMS will also prompt the user to provide attribute values to be held against attributes.

As with all attributes, you can choose to include attribute values in your trading documents.

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