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 Summary of updates to version 2.02.##.1177

Date: 2020-09-21

This document lists a summary of changes published in the version number shown above. You can check your start-up screen to see which version of the BMS you are using.

Sales Register Search Results: Sort Order

Users an choose how product search results as sorted at the Till. 

Sales Register Menu: Manager -> Search Results Sort Preference

Options include:

  1. Make/Model (default)
  2. FTS DESC - Make/Model
  3. FTS > 0 - Make/Model

Inventory (stock) Attribute Mapping

Users can now access attribute value mapping from the Attribute Manager UI.

Legacy access is still available via the Inventory Item UI (Catalogue A or B) using menu:

Product Manager -> Attributes -> Map Attribute Value

BUG: Goods-In Event Record -> Change Supplier Licence

Causing a system crash. Now resolved

Migrated legacy routine to interogate User Licences to the new dedicated Licencing Module.

Creating PV Groups: Special Pricing

When a new PV Group Parent is created, or when an existing Parent is updated with new variants the BMS will capture the lowest pricing from the variant group including:

  • Selling Net
  • Unit Buying Net
  • Trade Net
  • Special Price (Gross)

Change Order Status as the Sales Register

Teh BMS will clear the Sales Register UI when an order status value is changed.

Order Status Options

Users can now define an Order Status Option sort order. This is used to determine the order in which Status Options are displayed when changing the Orer Status of an open order.

Linked Documents

Re-work Linked Documents and Library Template UI's

The BMS will now return Linked Documents for more than 1 selected parent item. For instance, a user may want to review all linked documents for a given subset of Purchase Invoices.

Note: Linked Documents are digitised copies of original documents. When deleting a linked document the original is not affected.

Aged Debt: Sales and Purchase Ledgers

It is now possible to retrieve Aged Credits as either a stand alone scehdule, or incorporated into an overall Aged Debt scehdule. Access these reports via the Trading Menu in either the SIP or PIP interfaces

Part Payments against Back Orders

Users can now post a part payment against an order with outstanding BackOrders. For instance take a deposit against a pre-ordered item.

Sales Register Function Buttons: Customisation Options

The list of Function Buttons can be limited and ordered using the relevant customisation UI available via

Sales Register Menu -> Manager -> Function Buttons Preferences
Sales Register Menu -> Manager -> Function Menu Preferences

... where the list contents can be limited and sorted as required.


Sales Register Function Buttons: New additions

There are several new additions to the list of available Function Buttons. Please review the list for more details.


Memorialised Documents: Signature Capture

The BMS can now capture signatures in your Trading Documents. 

Use the Memorialise Menu Option when viewing a Trading Document to prompt for a signature. Signed documents are then digitised and committed to the database for later reference.


Directory Structure

All references to directory location have been centralised. The BMS root directory is now C:\TSL

All other directories used by the system (by default) are subordinate to this root.

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