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URL File-List Download


Collect files from a list of URLs and post them to a local network location of your choice. You can preserve the source directory structure if you wan to.


URL File-List Download

Access this UI via the Stock Data Importer. 

Menu: Data To Import -> Images -> Download From URL List

The system will open a UI with 3 columns prepared to accept a URL List

  • URL
    • The Url containing the file that you want to download
    • The system will post result data to this column
    • The system will post the local network file path and name for the downloaded file, or an error message if the download failed.


1 ) Menu: Configuration -> Target Download Location

Select a valid download directory for you source files


2a) If you have a list of URLs in Excel or as a CSV, you can copy them to the clipboard (Highlight and Ctrl+C) and then paste them into the UI using 

Menu: Clipboard -> Paste Data From The Clipboard

2b) You can also key URLs into the UI directly.

NOTE: In either case, your URL's must appear in the URL column



3) Menu: Download -> Get My Files

The system will ask if you want to preserve the source file directory structure. If you say YES, the system will create relevant sub directories in your target download location.

This process will work through your list of URL's and attempt to download your source files.  Success or failure if indicated in the UI by colouring the row that has been processed.

  • Green -> Success
  • Orange -> The file already exists (and has not been over written)
  • Red -> Failure or error

The system displays a progress bar to indicate how the download process if getting on. You can close the Progress Bar at any time to pause the download, and restart it again by re-invoking Menu: Download -> Get My Files.



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