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Data Import: Attributes


If your supplier-provided data contains columns that could be imported as attributes, and you want to import them, then this is what you do:

Before you add any data to your Batch Table, use the [TABLE] menu in the main Stock Data Importer screen.

Main Menu -> Table -> Add an Attribute

You will be presented with a list of attributes already set up in your system to choose from. Any that you choose will be added to the far right hand side of your Batch Table, ready to accept your supplier data when you import it.

You can map to any attribute columns you have added to your Batch Table in the same way that you would map to pre-set columns. This is done in the Stock Import: File interface that is used to open an view supplier data just prior to actually importing it.

Sometimes, supplier data attribute values may contains data that you want to ignore. If this is the case for you, you can tell the system to ignore certain values by listing them in the Attributes To Ignore interface accessed via the Stock Import: File interface

Main Menu -> Configuration -> Set Attribute Values To Ignore

Any values you list here will be ignored during the import process. Your original supplier data file will not be changed.

The system will always ignore '-' and '' values

You can also instruct the system to ignore specific values. This is done in the

  • Stock Import File: Datalist UI -> Menu -> Configuration -> Set Attribute Values To Ignore
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