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Extract OpenCart Data


MySQL Stored Procedure for extracting product data, 2 levels of categorization and transformed attributes from OpenCart Versions 1.X and V2


Licence to use the attached stored procedure

The attached stored procedure is provided 'as is' with absolutely no guarantee or warrantee as to its suitability to do anything. So, use it at your own risk.

If you do use it, please email us to let us know. We'd like to know we've helped someone.



  • Download the attached Stored Procedure to your hard drive
  • rename it by removing the .txt extension


Use it as a stored procedure in your database

  • open the file in your favorite MySQL client and compile it into the database you want to query
  • Call the procedure using this query: CALL tsl_extract_products_and_attributes()


Or .. Extract the relevant query statements and run them in your query window


sp_ocv2_extractprods.sql.txt sp_ocv2_extractprods.sql.txt

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