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Synology: MariaDB Configuration


Diskstation Access / Setup

Login to the DSM GUI:

                Something like:

Set up the Synology Diskstation Admin Account

                Control Panel -> Users ->

Enable SSH

                Control Panel -> NETWORK -> Terminal & SNMP

STEP 1: For ADMIN Access:

To acquire access to the diskstation file system as ADMIN. We need to do this using WinSCP  which can be downloaded using the link below. Log in using the relevant credentials and navigate to the my.cnf file located at etc/mysql.

The file will not include the necessary lower_case_table_names = 1 command under [mysqld]


                Use WinSCP:

                Login:    Host:     diskstation

                                User:     admin

Pw:        trapdoor


STEP 2: For ROOT access:

To gain access with editing permission on etc/mysql/my.cnf

 In DSM6 you can no longer use root for SSH, but you can use any other member account of the administrators group. Mind that you now need to sudo when logged in using SSH.

If your synology is in DSM6 and you're logged with a user that is part of administrator group, you can do:

sudo –I :enter your root/admin password (sudo –(lower case L) space [password]

or even sudo su - (it works too)


So, use PUTTY: (

Log in as ‘admin’ or any other member of the administrator group


Use ls (lower case Ls) to list files / directories

Use cd to move into a directory / [cd ..] to go up one level


STEP 3: Use the VI editor

Type sudo vi my.cnf (opens the editor with admin permissions)

Type ‘i’ to start editing the file. Insert under [mysqld]

lower_case_table_names = 1

Hit ESCAPE to close out of vi

Type, including the [: colon] but excluding the square brackets.

 [:w!] to write the changes to the file

[:q] to quit vi



STEP 4: Check the file in WinSCP to make sure your changes have been saved.

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